8 Reasons to do a Juice Cleanse!

Yummy Yummy Baby! 8 Reasons to do a Juice Cleanse! 5 Kid-friendly Detox Recipes! Yummy Homemade Detox 🌱Hello and welcome back amigos! Many people have requested Juice Cleansing Recipes that taste good and are Kid-Friendly. The following recipes are Yummy, Vegan and Easy to make! What is Detox? Detoxification basically means to cleanse the blood … Continue reading 8 Reasons to do a Juice Cleanse!

Are you and the kids drinking enough water?

Infused water Welcome back Amigos! I have a question for you, how much water do you and your kids ACTUALLY drink? As a child, I primarily drank Tea, Kool-Aid and occasional Water. I do remember adults occasionally stating the importance of water, but I didn't take it seriously, nor did I understand how to make … Continue reading Are you and the kids drinking enough water?

Your thoughts can transform you!

Your mind & body are responding to your beliefs about yourself... What are you saying to yourself about yourself? What we think about ourselves is strongly connected to what we eat, how we sleep and how we feel! What kind of life and health are your thoughts manifesting? 🌱 Transform your Thoughts, Transform your Life!