8 Tips to Help Maintain Your 2019 New Year Resolutions!

These 8 tips will help ensure you maintain your health goals and other New Year Resolutions!

How do you plan to set yourself up to win?

My Home Gym

1) Outline your Health Goals by writing them down to every detail.

2) If you have little time/money, create a home gym… it works with any budget or weather.

3) Find a workout partner, video or songs that will keep you motivated & feeling supported!

(hands facing outward to protect wrists)

4) Does your Nutrition match your health goals, consult a Health Coach, Nutritionist, someone who can safely & realistically guide you.

5) Dig deep and understand what your true goals are and select a resolution that is truly your own.

6) The more public you make your health goals, the more likely you are to maintain it, consider sharing it on social media, it may help keep you accountable.

Playing with pets can be motivating!

7) Track your progress, it will inspire you!

8) Reward yourself by doing something good and healthy for yourself!

Healthy Eating in the Sun

Even if you have challenges or health issues, trust that your body will come around!

Trust that even if you do not reach your goals as quickly as you would like, there is something you need to learn about your body and the process.

Remember to be kind to yourself, whatever happens, keep trusting and trying!

Dr. Desiree Purcell
Instagram: Healthy.Desy

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