About Dr. Delagarza-Purcell

Dr. Desiree Delagarza-Purcell has a Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology.

She is an Individual Therapist, Group Facilitator, Parent Educator, Nutritionist, former Cancer Caregiver, Foodie and lover of anything Health and Wellness related.

Dr. Delagarza-Purcell was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, then moved to California to attend UCLA. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist for over 20 years, she provided various forms of Psychological Services and Psychology Classes in Southern California before moving back home to be closer to family and friends.

After tending to her 3 year old son with leukemia, all while being a Licensed Clinical Psychologist at the Health Care Agency for over two decades, there was one thing that was consistently evident to Dr. Delagarza-Purcell, good health is achieved through tending to our Mind, Body & Spirit.

We all thrive off of healthy thoughts, healthy food and healthy actions! Most importantly, we feel empowered when we are awakened to our own physical and mental uniqueness…

Our ultimate goal at CBIH is to use Individual & Group Support to help you identify toxic thoughts and habits that need to be replaced with healthy thoughts and actions.

CBIH is motivated to provide information which demonstrates Healthy Living goes beyond particular diets, but instead, a mindset and lifestyle…

Call (949-370-9442) to enroll in Individual Treatment or a Group Support program that empowers you!

Sending Love & Light- Dr. D. Purcell 🌞

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Dr. Purcell

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